Braga Romana

Roman Braga is an event that takes place annually in Braga in May or June since 2003. Aims to show how life would be in town at the time was part of the Roman Empire, evoking their daily lives as the capital city of the province of Galicia.

These festivities is recreated a Roman market which is host to circus arts, drama, war simulations, mythological personifications, juggling, musical performances and dances from the time of Bracara Augusta.

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Festas de S. João

The Feasts of St. John in Braga result on 23 and 24 June although anticipated a wide range of popular , cultural and recreational activities , with the indispensable presence of folk dancers , bands, groups or Cabeçudos Giants , of drums and " Zés P'ereiras " , theater , traditional games , concerts , etc...

The program of festivities will begin on June 16 and lasted until the 24th.

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Sé de Braga

The Sé de Braga Cathedral, located in the parish of the Cathedral, in the city of Braga, Portugal.

Considered as a center for episcopal irradiation and one of the most important Romanesque churches, its history dates back to the work of the first bishop, D. Pedro de Braga, corresponding to the restoration of the Episcopal Cathedral in 1070, that does not retain traces.

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The Sameiro Sanctuary

The Sameiro Sanctuary is a sanctuary located in Braga, Portugal, construction of which began on 14 July 1863.

It is the largest center of Marian devotion in Portugal, after Fatima. The Temple, completed in the twentieth century, stands inside the main altar in polished black granite, as well as the shrine of silver. In front of the temple stands a vast and imposing stairway, on top of which rise two tall pillars, topped the Virgin and the Heart of Jesus.

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The track speed Vasco Sameiro (also known as Braga Circuit) located in Portugal, 6 km north of the city of Braga, in the town of Palmeira.

The circuit of Braga was built in 1990 and was opened in 1993. The track is run counter-clockwise direction, and kept constant at its configuration since its inauguration.

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AXA Stadium

The AXA Stadium or Braga Municipal Stadium, known as "The Quarry", affirms itself as an asset to the county, valuing the city and region

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Bom Jesus

The Sanctuary of Bom Jesus is a religious and tourist site located in Tenões, a parish on the outskirts of Braga, Portugal. The Bom Jesus has a large church, a stairway through which the Via Sacra of Bom Jesus, a forest (Park Bom Jesus) some hotels and a high hydraulic centenary.

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