The track speed Vasco Sameiro (also known as Braga Circuit) located in Portugal, 6 km north of the city of Braga, in the town of Palmeira.

The circuit of Braga was built in 1990 and was opened in 1993. The track is run counter-clockwise direction, and kept constant at its configuration since its inauguration.

The runway width varies between 11 and 14 meters, having 12 turns, 8 of them left and 5 to the right and has 6 straight, and the straight target the largest, with a length of 898 meters.


The plot surrounds a runway and take-off and still has a used go kart kart world championship in 2000 and 2005.

The track speed, which is owned by the Automobile Club of Minho, mostly receives national tests.
In 2009, he received the first international event, the fifth edition of the European Touring Car Cup (ETCC).

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