Festas de S. João

The Feasts of St. John in Braga result on 23 and 24 June although anticipated a wide range of popular , cultural and recreational activities , with the indispensable presence of folk dancers , bands, groups or Cabeçudos Giants , of drums and " Zés P'ereiras " , theater , traditional games , concerts , etc...

The program of festivities will begin on June 16 and lasted until the 24th.

 The 23 achieves the Monumental Adventure parks Amusement parks which are associated with all social layers and bring pilgrims to the city in a variety of locations as well as domestic and foreign tourists . It is a night of revelry and pilgrimage to the Chapel of St. John located in Park Bridge in the East River . This chapel was build by Archbishop Diogo de Sousa for the years 1505/1532 and was renewed in 1616.

The main avenue ( Avenida da Liberdade ) that connects the heart to the said City Park becomes a sea of people that travels up and down , criss-crossing , jostling , those who still like to feel the warmth of the People the joy of the young youth of any age , the aroma of sweet basil while holding on the go , sometimes violent " hammered " caused by , not always friendly plastic hammers which replaced the much more harmless and even friendly "garlic leek".

Along Avenida proliferate stalls where everything sells a bit as well as the characteristics tents " refreshments " and fritters . Do not miss the famous grilled sardines ( sardines at St. John drips on bread ) food on a loaf of boroa , accompanied by white wine , green broth " with log " served in regional Glazed ceramic bowls . There is also the typical roast kid in the gastronomy of the time.

On day 24 , all day , the streets of the city are covered by brass bands and the floats of King David and the Shepherds . By mid-afternoon , and Church Cathedral , the procession leaves the Popular Saints - St. Anthony , St. Peter and St. John


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