Bom Jesus

The Sanctuary of Bom Jesus is a religious and tourist site located in Tenões, a parish on the outskirts of Braga, Portugal. The Bom Jesus has a large church, a stairway through which the Via Sacra of Bom Jesus, a forest (Park Bom Jesus) some hotels and a high hydraulic centenary.

The sanctuary of Bom Jesus has inspired numerous buildings throughout the world as the Bom Jesus de Storks Storks in Brazil, the Shrine of Remedies in Lamego etc. The Elevator of Bom Jesus, is a funicular on a ramp, consisting of two independent cabins, connected by a cable. Its operation is based on the water balance system. The cabins have a tank that is filled with water, when they are on the upper level and the lower empty. The weight difference obtained allows displacement.

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